The Professional Chef for iPad

For the last decade, the chefs at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) have been publishing The Professional Chef, an industry-standard textbook for aspiring cooks. Now available on the iPad, the significant volume… Continue reading

Sage: Not just for savory dishes

The Mediterranean herb has been a staple for centuries, revered for both its culinary and medicinal purposes. During this time of year, however, poor old sage is either a dried relic in your… Continue reading

Just Desserts – My New Orleans

Just DessertsMy New OrleansThis dessert is a show-stopper, but it’s not all that complicated. If you can beat egg whites and if you take a little care in preparing the ramekins before filling… Continue reading

Binnur’s Turkish Cookbook

Free recipes from Binnur’s Turkish Cookbook – Delicious, healthy and easy-to-make Ottoman & Turkish recipes. Via

Offal-y Good? | 2011 would be the year of offal

At the start of 2011, food critics and gourmet chefs predicated that 2011 would be the year of offal. Gordon Ramsay and Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall. Via Related articles Offal 101: A Guide To… Continue reading

Popular and Famous Traditional Foods in Antalya

cooking varieties (wan), Hi Wan, you are welcome. In Antalya, traditional food are generally with meat, not chicken. Especially, the goat and sheep meat are used in the food. Yes, I want to… Continue reading

Every Day Chef Challenge – Pumpkin Pie Parfaits

Last year, my friend Aggie, from Aggie’s Kitchen was part of the Every Day Chef Challenge created by Pacific Natural Foods. So this past weekend, I spent all day Sunday creating two recipes… Continue reading

Royal Princess Guest Dessert Feature

#Royal #Princess Guest Dessert Feature via @amyatlas… Via Related articles Anne Hathaway Parties With a Princess and Her Princess Diaries Costar! (

These Little Piggies (and Rabbits)

These Little Piggies (and Rabbits) – Rate the Plate (Vote for my ribs! Image #8! Via

Greek Dessert: Fig & Pistachio Tarts!

When I found this Greek dessert in my old notes I immediately thought of Dorian at Foodbuzz! The fact I’m French does not mean I’m averse to other countries’ gastronomy. On the very… Continue reading