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Identità Golose Milano 2014

by Monique Raes A tasty intelligence is the theme of The every year more relevant event Identità Golose Milano. Pino Cuttaia‘s “Cuttlefish” egg is the recipe choosen to represent 2014 edition Check the complete program… Continue reading

Cookies Made To Pair With Alcohol Accentuate Tasting Experience [Pics] – PSFK

See on – Marcello’s Kitchen A novel way to “eat” your favorite single malt. Martí Guixé bridges the gap between beverages and refreshments, creating an epicurean delight. The artist introduced a collection… Continue reading

Rainbow Jello Dessert Recipes

Via  Molecular Gastronomy Non biologic nor natural but beautiful 😉   Ingredients 7 sm. pkgs. sugar free Jello* 1 (15 oz.) can evaporated skim milk *(2 lime, 2 lemon, 1 strawberry, 1 orange,… Continue reading

Rum Caviar tutorial : To drink or taste on dessert

Via  Molecular Gastronomy Fill your tall, narrow glass with vegetable oil. The taller your glass is, the better it will work, because this is what the hot rum mixture needs to travel through… Continue reading

Yogurt Ravioles – Molecular Gastronomy recipe

Dissolve the sodium alginate in 2 cups of water with a hand blender or an egg beater. Refrigerate for 15 minutes.Dissolve the calcium lactate in the milk with a spoon and mix in… Continue reading

“How to” Make Infusion Oils.

By. CULINARY ARTIST & ITALIAN EXECUTIVE CHEF. GIANFRANCO CHIARINI”How to” Make Infusion Oils.Welcome to our culinary course for the year 2011.My husband and I; we have designed this time short and straightforward courses… Continue reading