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Cannoli Recipes – Cannoli Filling and Cannoli Shell Recipes

Cannoli recipes consists of two parts the crispy fried shell and a creamy filling.You can purchase cannoli shells in stores or use this cannoli shell recipe and fill with any of these cannoli… Continue reading

10 Decadent Dessert Bar Recipes

Don’t let their squareness fool you: Dessert bars are serious business. Just like the super-trendy cupcake, these goodies have pushed past being “kid food” and emerged as a welcome dessert option for everything… Continue reading

Pumpkin Coconut Bundt Cake – Ciambella di Zucca e Cocco

This is the kind of cake I like to bake on a rainy Sunday before Halloween. Spicy and full of pumpkin moistness. No need for any thick frosting. Better to save the sugary… Continue reading

Raspberry and milk chocolate cheesecake recipe

Use good quality chocolate for this sumptuous cheesecake. Raspberries not in season? Substitute with cranberries! Via

Dark Chocolate Flan with New Mexican Chili, Cinnamon and Pepita Praline

Dark chocolate flan with new mexcian chili, cinnamon and pepita praline, which I though sounded particularly intriguing. Just so I don’t loose it, and in case anyone else is curious, I’m posting the… Continue reading

Lunch with René Redzepi

I was at a fantastic lunch yesterday – hosted by the Danish Landbrug & Fødevarer which is basically the organization for Danish meat. They had invited René Redzepi to Stockholm and I was… Continue reading

Croquetas de Jamón, Albóndigas en Sofrito y Alcachofas Laminadas – Homemade

I could have opened up a restaurant in downtown Madrid last night.  This amateur chef was firing on all cylinders.  Heck, I was even firing on cylinders that I didn’t know I had.… Continue reading

Great chef’s recipes: special potatoes ravioli!

Great chef’s recipes: “Potatoes ravioli stuffed with pecorino with pomegranate, bacon, sage and nuts”. The recipes of haute cuisine of Chef Andrea Incerti Vezzani of the restaurant Ca ‘Matilde, Quattro Castella (RE). Via… Continue reading

Kokoretsi (Κοκορέτσι) – Kalofagas

Kokoretsi or kokoreç is a dish of the Balkans and Anatolia consisting mainly of lamb or goat intestines, often wrapping seasoned offal, including sweetbreads, hearts, lungs and/or kidneys. The intestines of suckling lambs… Continue reading

Fior di Nasello alla vaniglia su purè di zucca

Chi ha rubato le crostate?: Fior di Nasello alla vaniglia su purè di zucca. Nasello cotto a “quasi-vapore” in un pentolino con due dita di latte caldo in cui ho fatto sciogliere i… Continue reading