Chocolate Hazelnut Torte – S’tasty

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There is something mesmerizing about chocolate ganache. When I made it the other day, I fell into a kind of trance. Dark chocolate and warm cream slowly melting together creates the most amazingly delicious smell. The more the chocolate melts, the glossier the ganache gets and it feels like you are making a bowl of rich brown silk. I can’t think of any food that looks as enticing as chocolate ganache. There is also something so satisfying about pouring molten chocolate ganache from a height onto a cake. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to work with chocolate every day. *mouth waters*

This decadent glaze was perfect for my nutty and almost nutritious hazelnut cake. This cake is definitely one for the grown-ups, as it’s not excessively sweet, but rather nutty with an intense dark chocolate ganache. I used hazelnut flour, which is something that is new to me. It creates a cake that is rich and full of goodness. If you are good at resisting temptation ;) this cake will keep for about a week, as the nuts keep it moist and fresh. When I make this cake again, I will slice it in half and slather a thicker ganache in the centre as you can never have too much ganache in your life. This cake is divine and one that I really enjoyed making, eating and even cleaning up after.

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