FingerLime and White Chocolate Cheesecake



This recipe is decadent and refreshing with the richness of white chocolate and the Fresh Burst of the finger lime caviar suspended throughout the cheesecake. The finger lime bursts in your mouth with each bite and adds a new zingy dimension and taste experience to a lime cheesecake. This recipe can be made as a standard round cheesecake or as a slice. Either way, the pink polka dots of finger lime throughout the white filling looks beautiful and is fit for any high tea menu, special dessert or indulgent treat.


400 g  packet Hob Nob biscuits
125 g butter (melted)
Zest of 1 normal lime

300ml thickened cream
½ cup icing sugar
500 g cream cheese (softened)
Juice of 2 normal limes
180 g white chocolate (melted)
Flesh of 3-4 Freshburst finger limes (drained & seeds removed)
3 tsp gelatine powder dissolved in ¼ cup boiling water


Base: Crumb biscuits in a blender until there are no lumps. Add lime zest and melted butter and
combine. Press firmly into a 23cm springform tin. Can also use a 20cm x 28cm slice tin to serve as
smaller pieces.

Filling: Whip cream with icing sugar to form soft peaks. Set aside. In an electric mixer, beat cream
cheese with lime juice on high speed. Add melted white chocolate and beat until smooth. On low
speed, fold in whipped cream, gelatine and finally the Finger Lime. Pour the filling over the base and
smooth over the top with a spatula. Refrigerate for 3-4 hours until set. Then it’s ready to serve on its
own. Also goes superbly with a raspberry coulis and ice cream.