Food Revolution day

Together we can change the way people eat by educating every child about food, giving families the skills and knowledge to cook again, and motivating people to stand up for their rights to better food. Add your voice to the conversation with your best cooking and food education tip, favorite ingredient, or tell us why you support the Food Revolution and what actions you are taking.

Jamie is hosting a dinner party for Food Revolution Day and you’re invited!

On May 19, especially for Food Revolution Day, Jamie will be having a virtual dinner via a Google+ Hangout, joining people all over the world, to talk about the Food Revolution.

Watch Jamie explain how you can get involved.

Want To Join Jamie For Dinner?

Do you want to hangout with Jamie over dinner? Across the world people will be able to watch the hangout live as it happens, but if you want to take part, ask questions and interact with Jamie, then get the conversation started today by sharing your favorite revolutionary meal with us.
Whether it’s your favorite meal to cook, something your family makes together or just the best meal you’ve ever had, share it with Jamie by recording a short video of yourself making it or explaining it, or take a photo and add it along with a recipe on Google+, and across your social media platforms using the hashtag #FoodRevolution.

Remember, your revolutionary meal must be made with real food, cooked at home and eaten together – no boxed or processed foods allowed!

Jamie and the team will be checking through all of these posts and everything with the hashtag #FoodRevolution to look at all your revolutionary meals and choose some people to join the hangout on May 19 at 8pm EST!

So have a think about what your favorite meal is and start adding your images and videos tagged #FoodRevolution today and you could hangout with Jamie Oliver on the first ever Food Revolution Day!

Watch Jamie’s video explaining how you can get involved here.