Red Grape Rote Grutze

Red Grape Rote Grutze

A traditional Barossa Valley dessert and nod to the region’s rich German history. Often prepared during vintage.


Grapes- Shiraz, Mataro or Alicante
1 litre of real grape juice
Splash of red wine 
Cinnamon quill 
1 strip of lemon zest
1 strip of orange zest
2T of sugar
6T of sago 


Pick grapes off stems and place in a cooking pot.

Add the cinnamon quill, sugar, grape juice, and wine. Add the lemon and orange zest, careful to avoid the bitter-tasting pith. 

Place on a medium-high heat stove and cook down until the berries are soft.

Blend and puree the groups using a sieve, hand blender or food processor. 

Measure off a litre of this juice into another saucepan, and add sago. Taste for sweetness, and adjust sugar if needed. 

Simmer gently for between 45 minutes and an hour, until the sago is translucent. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking.

Serve warm or cold, with rich, runny cream.