French Orange marmalade cake roll

orange roll

120 g flour
Orange 3

4 eggs
A few mint leaves
South melon seeds

Water 300 g
380 g white sugar
1 vanilla pod

Candied orange practice:
1. orange wash to clean, wash on the salt water soak 20 minutes
2. the sugar, water, vanilla pod (seeds removed put together), into the pot heated to produce syrup
3. The orange head and tail cut off, cut into thin slices, then cut in half, into the boiling pot
4. Take this time to just cut out head and tail of orange peel, remove the white membrane, then a knife, cut wire, or shaved with a peeler to peel thin bar, a knife is not good, we will to see, also cooked spare

5. other Orange cook until transparent, you can turn off the heat, cool, back into the refrigerator

French Orange marmalade cake roll